You’ve spent endless hours planning your big day. From selecting the perfect venue to securing your top choice photographer to finalizing a delicious menu, you’ve taken care of all the big tasks. All that stands between you and “I Do” now is one short month. Here’s what you can expect in the final 30 days…

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A lot of last minute to-dos. While the big stuff is out of the way, all of the small tasks remain. From finalizing guest counts and paying final balances to making sure you have everything you need, the last 30 days are certainly the most detail oriented. There will be a long list of things you need to accomplish. I suggest picking up a copy of our 30 Day Checklist and delegating the list to your fiance, family and wedding party to help you get it all done in time.

A little extra stress. Because there are so many little things to take care of, it can feel like a lot a times, especially if you haven’t taken off for the wedding just yet. Be prepared to feel a little extra stress and build in time for relaxation to keep it at bay.

A good bit of anxiousness. At this stage in the game, most couples are ready for the wedding to just be over already. You’ve waited all this time and have spent all this time planning. You’re just ready to be married and start your lives together. It’s easy and incredibly common to feel anxious during this time. But, the last 30 days can be some of the best if you just take a deep breath, slow down and know that it will all be over before you know it.

A few repetitive questions. Few is an understatement. You will be asked the same thing again and again so be prepared. I always suggest including an FAQ section on your website with answers to questions like what to wear, what the weather will be like, what time to arrive for the ceremony, where you’re registered, if transportation will be provided and more. Let your friends and family know where they can find the answers as well in case someone asks them too.

A whole bunch of fun. As stressful and overwhelming as the last month can be, it can also be the most fun if you let it. Delegate as many tasks as you can. Schedule date nights. Drink all the champagne. Celebrate every moment – even the frustrating ones. You’re about to embark on a brand new chapter and you’ll never get this time back. Soak in every moment and don’t let the stress of it all weigh you down.

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