Congratulations! You’ve just said “Yes!” and now you’re prepping to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. It’s an exciting time in your life and I’m sure you’re more than ready to dive head first into all things wedding planning. But, before you schedule that first venue tour and announce your date, you’ll want to be sure to do these five things first

  1. Share the news with family and friends. Right after you slide that ring on your finger, it’s time to share the big news with all the important people in your lives. Be sure to read our post on how to announce your engagement in a digital world first though.
  2. Insured your ring. If your fiance hasn’t done this already, you’ll want to take care of getting your ring insured first thing. There are a few options available to you including your existing homeowners policy or an independent jewelry insurer. Either way, you go, you’ll need an appraisal from the jeweler or the purchase receipt to do so.
  3. Take some time to soak it all in. While it’s easy to dive in head first and start checking things off your I Do List, wait just a bit before you do. Whether it’s a week or a month, take time to celebrate your engagement to its fullest before you start making official plans.
  4. Have an in depth conversation about everyone’s expectations. One of the leading causes of stress while wedding planning is having a different set of expectations for your wedding than your significant other or your parents. Knowing everyone’s expectations before you start making plans helps mitigate some of the stress.
  5. Get organized. Having an organization system that works for you is key. You’ll want to be sure you have a way to keep all your planning related material together and easily accessible by not only yourself but those that are helping you plan. Our digital planning tools are a great solution for this. But, getting organized is about more than knowing where everything is. It’s about knowing what kind of wedding you’re looking to plan, having a realistic budget and a realistic understanding of what you can handle on your own.