I like to consider myself an experienced wedding planner. After all, I’ve been doing this for eight years. I’ve seen a lot of things, learned a lot of lessons and experienced many snafus. But, even after the hundreds of weddings I’ve been a part of, there are still lessons to be learned. 

Today I’m sharing the five lessons I learned from my most recent wedding so you can better prepare for your own. They are….

1. Dark Sky is the best weather app around. Seriously. I’ve used a number of weather apps throughout the years, but my photographer for this wedding swears by Dark Sky and I can see why. It was far more accurate than the others I use and made making the call to continue with the perfect weather plan a little less stressful. Because of Dark Sky, my couple had the river front wedding they were dreaming of. 

2. Don’t rely on UberEats for late night snack delivery. This was big for me. In all my years, we’ve never had fast food delivered for the late night snack. It’s always been something the caterer prepared or that could be picked up earlier in the day (like donuts). But, this couple wanted Krystal’s and we were going to make it happen. I learned a lot about how UberEats (especially prescheduled orders) work from this experience and needless to say our order never arrived. Thankfully there was a Krystals about 3 miles away and they were rockstars in preparing 100 burgers for us in less than 20 minutes! 

3. Reconfirm delivery times for big items the day before. This should seem like a no brainer for a wedding planner but generally, when a vendor shares their load in time, especially for large set-ups it rarely changes. With this wedding, the floral and decor set-up time changed after the timeline was complete and I wasn’t notified. Not a huge deal and everything was set-up in plenty of time but I was at the venue 3 hours earlier than I needed to be. 

4. Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. Seems like another duh moment from an experienced wedding planner. Something always goes awry and we’re prepared for any of the most common things you can think of. But, with this wedding, a few things we would have never though of went wrong like a boat pulling up at the end of the dock, right behind the ceremony site, as the processional is about to start – cut to dressed up Sarah sprinting down the dock in heels to get them to move. That was fun! Or, unscheduled construction happening next door. Again, everything ended up fine but it’s a good reminder. 

5. Pick up your getting ready room prior to the ceremony. This is something I’ve never put much emphasis on until I had a wedding with 12 bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and a couple other friends getting ready in one room. Needless to say there were a lot of items around the room at the end of the night that needed to find their home. At the end of the night, everyone’s ready to go home (or to the after party!) and they’ve likely had a few drinks. Take a few minutes to pick up the getting ready prior to pre-ceremony pictures will ensure things don’t get left behind or lost at the end of the night. 

Wedding Planning Tips | The I Do List | Wedding Planning Mistakes | Find out the lessons learned from a recent wedding #weddingplanning #weddingplanningmistakes #perfectwedding
Wedding Planning Tips | The I Do List | Wedding Planning Mistakes | Find out the lessons learned from a recent wedding #weddingplanning #weddingplanningmistakes #perfectwedding